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Mamane Flower / Tree

  In addition to Mamane (often spelled Maman) being our own family name, Mamane is family name to many others, and has other meanings as well.  Our goal with the website is to make it an independent source of information for all interested in the current meaning and derivation of the word "Mamane", as well as those interested in learning about ties to their own family name and genealogy.

On the islands of Hawaii, Mamane is the name of a native tree with bright yellow flowers. The wood of the Mamane Tree is hard and durable and was used by Hawaiians for building material and in the of making farm tools.  Mamane Trees are found throughout Maui's Haleakala National Park and Maui has a hiking and mountain biking trail named "Mamane Trail" which as you would expect, has groves of Mamane trees. There is even a "Mamane Street" in the town of Honokaa on the northern coast of the Big Island, and a bakery on that street which bares that name.

In designing this website, I utilized many images from Morocco.  Some are obvious like the Hassan Tower above, while others like the background image in the menu above is harder to recognizes - it's a stretched image of the Medina in Rabat. My father and his siblings grew up in a white washed home on a small narrow street looking down on the Medina. After having traveled to Morocco for a couple of extended visits, I have grown to have great fondness for the country, its people and its culture.

As with many surnames, some families with the name Mamane are closely related, others distant relatives, but many more have no family ties at all. My father was born in Morocco and immigrated to the United States in the 1950's. Most of our Moroccan relatives lived in Rabat and Casablanca, and a few lived in Marrakesh. These days, only a few of our relatives remain in Morocco. 

Most of our family emigrated to France, Israel, Quebec, and to a lesser extent to the USA. In our family, Mamane and Maman are translations of the Hebrew family name and the name is fairly well known in Morocco's Jewish community. 

According to published Diaspora records, the derivation of the Mamane name is from the 12th century philosopher Moses Maimonides (1135-1204) born in Cordoba, Spain. To avoid persecution Maimonides (Moses Ben Maimon) fled with is family to Morocco and later to Israel and finally to Egypt where he became chief rabbi of Cairo and physician to Saladin, sultan of Egypt and Syria. Many families of various faiths took on a version of the name as a sign of respect for Maimonides, others claim to be descendants.

Our genetic sequence generated from our DNA is consistent with this lineage. This is the more recent history of our family. Our family's reality begins over 2,000 generations and 50,000 years ago from all our common ancestors in Africa. I submitted a DNA swab to National Geographic's Genographic Project and the results for my Y-Chromosome test - passed down from father to son and which reveal our direct paternal ancestry are on the following page. Mamane Genealogy

The genetic journey for the Mamane family is just one among millions of other families - all of whose common roots began in Africa.  The scientific conclusion is clear for anyone who wishes to open their minds and hearts to it. The scientific evidence for the universal human journey shows the common origins of all humans regardless of our present day race, color, religion, or country of birth.